Empower your business with the help of Marg ERP

User Friendly

Marg is easy to apply, completely menu driven, you don’t have to memories codes completely popup based.


Marg is very flexible in the name and currency symbol, flexible in the formation of date, and self-styled Barcode label by DLL/PRN.


Marg management can pose the restrictions and power operate-wise. It also has certain features by which you can stop the ledger transaction.


Marg ERP Software As Per Your Business Requirement

Marg software is individual software in accounting and inventory which provides you 100% authorization on business. The exceptional feature of this software is flexible in nature, constant upgradations, and self-customizations. That is the major reason in short time that is in August 2002 in addition more than 10 lakh users accessed this software.


Retail software

To expand the retail industry Marg ERP has launched ordering Apps for the customer, it supports the industry to do online business which functions in both the technical and standard. This software enhance inventory management, it helps to control the promotions, and it expands efficiency and decrease the statics errors. To function the retail software most of the retail industry uses Ginesys, Rain POS, and Shopify.

Distribution software

This software system assist you to take the authorization of all distribution network so business can function properly that include sales, purchase management, return and order management, supply chain management, accounting, offers, profit and much more all in this individual software. Some of the software used by distributors are Tally Prime 4.7, myBillBook 4.5


Manufacturing software

The major reason of manufacturing software is to self-regulate the operations of manufacturing on the floor shop, organizing the production, tracing the accessibility of stock, allotment of assets. To function the manufacturing software most of the manufacturers prefer to use ERP (enterprise resource planning) and sometimes they also prefer MES (Manufacturing execution system).

Payroll software

Payroll software is used to organize, manage and to automate the payment of employees. This software trace every single payments and also keep all the records of payment. Payroll software differs in the features and costing which can used by the big companies or small business. To operate this software most of the companies choose to use Paycor, Onpay, Rippling,Trolley, Patroit software etc.


SFA (Sale Force Automation)

This software is a combination feature of the customer relationship management (CRM) provides automated work force which generate smooth sales and process to administrate the business, team perforce and lastly the forecasting of sales.

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